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Cost and what happens next

The fee you need to pay will depend on the size of your meter. We’ll remove your current meter and replace it with a new one.

We’ll send your meter to an independent, nationally accredited laboratory to test its accuracy. We consider a meter to be accurate, unless it records 3% more or 4% less than the actual amount of water passing through it. 

If your meter is not accurate, we’ll:

  • refund your test fee 
  • adjust any affected water use charges. 

If the meter is accurate, we won’t refund the fee or adjust water usage charges.

We don't reinstall the old meter either way. The fee is for one test only. It covers the cost to remove, replace and test your meter. The fees are:

Please allow up to 8 weeks for meter test results.



By submitting this form, I confirm I would like to have my meter tested and the cost added to my Sydney Water account. I acknowledge the results of the independent meter test are final, and if found accurate no adjustment of my account will take place. 

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We've received your application to have your water meter tested

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We'll be out to exchange the meter within 10 business days.
Please allow 8 weeks for the results of your meter test.