Deceased estates

What to do if an account holder has died

All service providers need to be notified as soon as possible if an account holder has died. Normally, only property owners are Sydney Water account holders. You may be able to inform multiple organisations at the same time using the Australian Death Notification Service without a death certificate. Alternatively, you can call us or notify us online

When to contact us directly

You should contact us directly if the person died overseas or you have concerns about their account. You'll need to provide information to help us manage the account until probate including:

  • your contact details
  • the name of the deceased and your relationship to them 
  • the property (or properties) concerned
  • a copy of the death certificate or an extract of the will, or both, to confirm who has authority over the account during the deceased estate administration process. 

Notify us online, or call us on 13 20 92 with the details. 

When to contact Australian Death Notification Service

If the person died in Australia, the Australian Death Notification Service can simplify the process for you. It can automatically provide verification of death to all the organisations you select. You will be contacted directly for any other required information. 

  • You can contact multiple organisations at one time.
  • You don't need a copy of the death certificate.

If the person died overseas, the Australian Death Notification Service isn't available. 

What happens next

We'll be in touch by email within 10 days of being notified and send you a form to gather specific property details.

We’ll keep sending bills and other communications to the mailing address we have on record for the property until after probate. You can update the mailing address online or call us on 13 20 92. The name on the account is linked to the property title deed. NSW Land Registry Services will automatically update our records to reflect any changes.

If the account is set up for direct debit and the bank account is frozen, you’ll need to cancel the direct debit arrangement. Call our direct debit team on 8849 4949 weekdays from 8:30am to 4pm.

If you’re living in the property and need help with the bill, call us on 13 20 92. We’ll work together to find a solution. Find out how we can help with your bill or read our Payment assistance policy for more information.

We’ll write to your solicitor to confirm how the estate is progressing and when the probate application will go through the NSW Supreme Court. We can also place a hold on any debt recovery action for up to 12 months while the estate is going through probate. If you don't contact us, our Overdue payments policy will apply. 

Where there’s no will, the NSW Supreme Court will need to issue letters of administration before the estate can be settled. We recommend consulting a solicitor, as this can be a complex process.

If you’re the sole beneficiary and you're a pensioner, you may qualify for a pension rebate. Email us and we’ll send you an application form. 

Note that the account won't be closed. The account details will move to the new owner's name when the property administration process is completed.