Direct debit

The easiest way to pay your bill on time

Set up direct debit using your credit card (Visa or Mastercard), debit card or bank account so you’ll never miss a bill payment. We process your payment automatically on the date it's due each quarter. You don’t have to do a thing – just set and forget. If direct debit isn't right for you, we have other payment options for you to choose from.

How direct debit works

You can arrange for your bill payments to be made automatically from your credit card (Visa or Mastercard), debit card or bank account. If you pay from your bank account, it's free. However, there's a fee of 0.4% for all direct debit payments using a credit or debit card. This will be added to the next bill, and works out at around $1 for a bill of $250.

Your direct debit payment will be due 21 days after we send your bill. We'll send a request to your selected financial institution to pay the full amount on the due date. If your direct debit comes from your bank account, your bank may take up to 2 working days to process it.

You'll still receive your bills. This means you can always check what you're paying for, make sure you've got enough funds in your account, and keep us in the loop with any changes (like new banking details).

Find out more in our Direct debit service agreement (91KB)

Need to stop a payment?
Call us on 13 20 92 at least 2 working days before the due date if you want to change your details or stop your payment.

How to register

To register for direct debit, make sure you have a Sydney Water bill or payment number and your banking details handy. You can set up automatic payments for up to 3 properties with each registration.

We'll redirect you to securely complete your registration using a secure online payment solution called BPOINT. BPOINT is provided by the Commonwealth Bank to safely store your details and manage your payments.

Direct debit terms and conditions
Once you've signed up, your direct debit arrangement will start immediately. Any amount you currently owe will be automatically debited from your nominated account on the next working day. If you’ve made a payment within the past 48 hours, we recommend waiting for the payment to reach your account before you set up direct debit.

Check your account balance now to see if you owe anything. 

How to update your details

Log in anytime to change your details or cancel your direct debit. If you didn’t originally set up your direct debit online or you can't remember the email address you used to register, call us on 8849 4949 during working hours.

What to do if your payment doesn't go through

There are a few reasons why this might happen. Don't worry. There's always a solution.

Maybe you cancelled a card or closed a bank account. If that’s the case, we’ll send a letter to let you know we’ve cancelled your direct debit arrangement. Simply register again with your new details.

If there wasn’t enough money in your nominated account to pay the bill in full when your direct debit was due, we’ll try again in 7 working days. We’ll cancel your direct debit arrangement if there's still not enough.

If you know there won't be enough money in your account to cover your next direct debit, call us on 13 20 92 at least 2 working days before it's due. We’ll work something out for you.

If your card details or bank account can't be verified (perhaps because they were wrongly entered, have changed or no longer exist), we'll write and ask you to contact us within 14 working days so we can sort it out. We'll cancel your direct debit arrangement if we don’t hear from you.

Late and dishonoured payment fees
We don't charge a late payment or dishonoured payment fee if your payment fails, but your financial institution might. However, if we cancel your direct debit and you don't pay your bill another way, we may charge a late payment fee or interest. Find out more about charges that relate to billing.