View and pay your bills 24/7, paper free

Do your bit for the environment and go paperless with eBill. Getting your water bill in your inbox makes it easier to keep track and cuts paper clutter too. You can even pay your Sydney Water bill on the spot, 24/7.

The benefits of eBill

  • View bills 24/7 anywhere you have email access.
  • There's no risk your bill will be delayed or lost.
  • You can pay your bill from your computer or mobile device.
  • You can access previous bills online anytime.

How to sign up

Got a valid email address? Great! You'll find all the other information you need to register for eBill on any recent paper bill or the letter we sent to you if you're a new property owner. Only one property owner can sign up to receive the eBill but if you have more than one property, it's easy to add more once you've signed up. 

If you get your bill through BPAY View, you'll need to cancel your BPAY View registration through your online banking before you register for eBill.

Check your inbox

Once you've applied, we'll send you an email. You need it to complete your registration. If you don't receive it, check your spam or junk folders. If it hasn't arrived within a few minutes, call us on 13 20 92.

What to expect

It takes around 2 business days for us to set up an eBill. If we need more information, we'll be in touch fast to sort it out.

Once you're registered, we'll email your eBill to your inbox instead of posting you a paper bill. You'll see how much you need to pay and when it's due, and you can:

  • click to view a PDF version of your bill (you can print it if you have to)
  • pay your bill
  • sign in to view your past bills.

Want to know more? Check out the eBill Terms and conditions (107KB) .

How to update your details

Adding or removing a property

Once you're set up, you can add and remove properties easily. Log in and go to the 'Add or remove property' tab. If you remove a property, you'll no longer have access to your past bills for that property.

Cancelling eBill

To cancel eBill for all your properties, log in, go to the 'Add or remove property' tab and select 'Cancel your registration'. You'll go back to receiving paper bills. If you still want to use eBill for some properties, just remove the ones you don't need.

How to set up BPAY View

If you'd prefer to get your bills straight to the same online banking account you use to pay them, visit BPAY to find out how to set up BPAY View.

Your privacy
When you register for eBill, we'll collect your personal information to help deliver services to you. Find out more about how we manage your privacy.