How we provide information

What would you like to know?

As an organisation serving over 5 million people every day, we deal with lots of information. This includes many documents. Most of our documents are about our core services of water, recycled water, wastewater and stormwater. You'll find a lot of information by searching on this website. But there are other ways to access information if you can't find it here.

Open access information 

We publish a range of documents in a readily accessible format on our website. We also proactively release information that may be of interest to the public. All this open access information is available on our website free of charge:

Accessibility on our website

We want to make our information accessible to everyone. We’ve designed our website to meet the web content accessibility guidelines version 2.0 (WCAG 2.0) at AA level. Please contact us if you have problems accessing our content. If you can't find the specific information you want on our website, you can apply using the Government Information (Public Access) process.

We comply with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW)
This Act, often referred to as the GIPA Act, focuses on making government information readily available. The GIPA Act replaced the Freedom of Information Act 1989. You can access the GIPA Act or learn more from the Information and Privacy Commission.

Public Access Disclosure Log

We update our Disclosure Log each quarter. It lists information we've released in response to formal access applications under the GIPA Act that may be of interest to the public. You can access this information without formal application by calling the GIPA Officer on 8849 6834 during working hours or by emailing

View the latest Sydney Water Disclosure Log (235 KB), which was updated in February 2022.

Applications for information

If you can't find the information you need, you can contact us. We welcome enquiries from our customers and will do our best to help.

If you still need more information, you can apply formally using the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 access application form (818KB). There's a $30 application fee

Read our Agency Information Guide (461KB) to learn more about accessing information.

Where to send your application

Email your completed form to (pay by EFT) or mail it (with a cheque or money order payable to Sydney Water) to:

Government Information (Public Access) Officer
Sydney Water
PO Box 399

How to get the information you need

To ensure you get the information you need, please be as specific as possible. For example, if you know the date or title of the document you want, include this information on your application form. Please send any questions on how to apply to the GIPA Officer by email at or you can call 8849 6834.

When to expect a response

We'll notify you of our decision about your application in 20 working days, unless you agree to extend the time. We may extend the processing time if we need to consult with a third party or access records from archives.

Information sharing

We proactively share information with the Shareholder Ministers and/or Portfolio Minister. This information is about our commercial performance and anything we think may raise community concerns. Read our Continuous Disclosure Policy (113KB) to find out more about how we disclose information to the NSW Government.

Corruption hotline

We're committed to being fair, honest, safe and responsible in all that we do. If you suspect corrupt behaviour from any of our staff or contractors, please let us know immediately. We promise to keep your details confidential.

Call the independent corruption hotline 

Our independent corruption hotline 1800 500 965 is managed by KPMG. You can also report confidentially online at KPMG Faircall or write to KPMG Faircall's secure postal address: 

The Faircall Manager
KPMG Forensic
PO Box H67

To find out more, read the Privacy Statement: Faircall.

Report corrupt behaviour to Sydney Water

If you prefer, we invite you to get in touch with Simon Granville, Head of Internal Audit, Sydney Water. 

International Standards Organisation (ISO)

ISO standards relate to quality, environment, safety and security management systems. They're designed to help us ensure we continue to meet the needs of our customers, regulators and other stakeholders while meeting our statutory and regulatory requirements.