HSC Chemistry

Include real-life chemistry in your depth studies

We use chemistry every day to treat, monitor and manage the urban water cycle, and we've developed a range of depth study resources linked to the Stage 6 Chemistry syllabus. Your students will learn how we manage water with free resources that bring real-world applications of chemistry to life and assist with their HSC preparations.

Depth study program outlines

Looking for inspiration for a whole-class depth study? Take a look at our depth study programs.

Each program gives you ideas for 4 hours of in-class activities that will support our Stage 6 Chemistry depth study excursions.

We also have some practical investigations to help you understand how our plants work.

The resources below should get you started.

Understand natural buffer systems

Make an indicator out of cabbage! Watch our Make a pH indicator video to see how you can test things in your home and see if they are an acid or a base.

Consider perceptions

Set up an experiment to better understand what people think of water.

Balance chemical equations

These resources will help you understand the chemistry behind the treatment process at Orchard Hills Water Filtration Plant.

Make a simple water filter

Using everyday items, discover what makes a good water filter and learn how Sydney's water is filtered so it's safe to drink.

Make a membrane model

Try this activity to make your very own reverse osmosis module. It's easy to do!

Understand polymers

Investigate how they're used in water treatment.


Audit wastewater

Think about how much wastewater you make and what's in it.