Our response to COVID-19

Your safety and wellbeing are our priority

No matter how COVID-19 is affecting you, especially if you face financial challenges, we're here to help. We’ll continue to supply safe, high-quality water and wastewater services, and our crews will continue working according to NSW Health advice to fix issues or faults as quickly and safely as possible. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Help to pay your water bill

Whether you’re a residential or business customer, you can get support if COVID-19 has made it harder for you to pay your bill.

Please contact us 

NSW Government support

The NSW Government is providing financial assistance, support measures and tax relief to help businesses across the state impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. Check out COVID-19 financial support for business.

Other help and support

The NSW Government is offering many different forms of financial support to people impacted by COVID-19. You may be eligible to access COVID-19 financial support for individuals and households, and services are also available for your mental wellbeing.

Other help and support

Services you depend on

Our WaterFix Residential plumbers follow strict COVID-19 safety plans when they enter your home. We’ll let you know our safety requirements when you book your appointment. If anyone in your household is self-isolating or has symptoms of COVID-19, please call us on 1800 807 475 to reschedule.

More about WaterFix Residential

Our PlumbAssist plumbers follow strict COVID-19 safety plans when they enter your home. We’ll let you know our safety requirements when you book your appointment. If anyone in your household is self-isolating or has symptoms of COVID-19, please call us on 1800 807 475 to reschedule.

More about PlumbAssist

COVID-19 impacts may cause delays in scheduling repairs. When crews are working, please don’t approach them unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you need to speak to them, please maintain social distance of 1.5 metres. If you have any concerns about work underway, you're welcome to contact us by phone or email.

Report a leak

Our COVID-19 responsibility

We test wastewater for NSW Health

We collaborate on the NSW Sewage Surveillance Research Program, a joint Sydney Water and NSW Health program. We test untreated sewage for fragments of the COVID-19 virus at more than 60 wastewater treatment plants across NSW. This provides data to support NSW Health’s COVID-19 response. With Australia’s largest dedicated water, trade wastewater and environmental sampling and testing facility, we’re the perfect partner for NSW Health. 

You can access data from the program in NSW Health’s weekly COVID-19 surveillance reports. Plus you can check out NSW Health’s latest COVID-19 updates.

We keep your drinking water safe

There’s no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted by drinking water. NSW Health says: 'Human coronaviruses are spread from someone with confirmed coronavirus to other close contacts with that person through contaminated droplets spread by coughing or sneezing, or by contact with contaminated hands, surfaces or objects.'

Our water treatment plants include robust processes to ensure drinking water is very high quality and complies with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Treatment and disinfection processes, including the use of chlorine, destroy viruses.

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