Pension rebates

You may be eligible to save on your water bill

All eligible pensioners in Greater Sydney are entitled to a discount on their water bill's fixed service charges. If the property you live in belongs to you, and you receive a pension from Services Australia or the Department of Veterans' Affairs or have a Pensioner Concession Card or Veteran Gold Card, apply now. We'll make sure you start saving. Complete the online form or call us on 13 20 92.

Before you complete the form, please check your bill
If you see the words 'Pensioner concession' under Other charges and credits, you already receive the pension rebate.

See if you qualify

You have one of these pensions or cards

To qualify for a rebate, you must have a Pensioner Concession Card from either Services Australia or the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Alternatively, you must receive a Department of Veterans' Affairs Intermediate Rate pension, or have a Veteran Gold Card that shows:

  • war widow or widower
  • Extreme Disablement Adjustment (EDA)
  • Totally and Temporarily Incapacitated (TTI)
  • Totally and Permanently Incapacitated (TPI).

You own the property you live in

Your name should be on the property's title deed. But you may also be eligible if you're the homeowner's spouse, a life tenant or the beneficiary of a will, or you occupy the property through a company trust or have a family arrangement with the owner.

Your property can be:

  • single dwelling
  • dual occupancy (2 houses on one block, or house with granny flat)
  • strata or company title unit
  • unit with a life-term lease in retirement village.

If more than one pensioner owns the property and also lives there, you'll need to complete separate application forms.

How much you can save

We apply the rebate to the fixed service charges on each bill. Typical service charges for a house with water, wastewater and stormwater total $180.96 per quarter. The maximum rebate for these properties would be $150.12 per quarter. 

Service Maximum rebate

Water service

100% of the quarterly service charge to a maximum of $14.12

Wastewater (sewerage) service

86% of the quarterly service charge 

Stormwater (if applicable)

50% of the quarterly service charge 

Total rebates vary

Pension rebates are calculated based on ownership and occupancy of the premises. 

  • You'll receive 100% of the rebate if you own your home with a spouse, even if they're not a pensioner.
  • You'll receive a smaller rebate if you own your home with other people who aren't pensioners.
  • You'll receive a smaller rebate if you own your home with other people who are pensioners but who don't live with you.

Other rebates and savings

When you qualify as an eligible pension card holder, you're entitled to a WaterFix Residential first callout fee of just $11 (currently $33 for other customers).

All customers may also be eligible for a rebate if we interrupt or limit our services to your property. Find out more from Our contract with you or by calling us on 13 20 92.

And Service NSW makes it easy to access NSW Government Cost of Living rebates and savings, including the Family Energy Rebate, NSW Gas Rebate and Active Kids vouchers. Get started.