Recycled water projects

The endless benefits of recycling

We've been recycling water since the 1960s. We started with small irrigation projects and now produce billions of litres of recycled water each year for homes and businesses, industry, parks, farms, golf courses and playing fields. Recycling and reusing water means we don’t need to depend as much on rainfall. It reduces the amount of water returned to the environment. It ensures we have extra water available in case of drought and can use water better in our growing city.

Residents in the Rouse Hill area have used recycled water since 2001.

Our water recycling schemes

Recycled water is used:

  • in homes and businesses to water gardens, flush toilets and wash cars
  • in industry
  • for irrigation and agriculture
  • to help maintain river flows in the Hawkesbury-Nepean River.

Our water resource recovery facilities treat wastewater to a high level so it can be safely reused. 

The Water recycling in the Sydney region (540KB) map shows our recycled water schemes. Find out more about existing schemes in our recycled water network, or read on to learn about schemes in development.

Recycling water at Hoxton Park

Location: Bardia, Edmondson Park, Elizabeth Hills, Freemans Ridge, Ingleburn Gardens, Len Waters Industrial Estate, Middleton Grange, Panorama Estate, Park Bridge Estate and Yarrunga Industrial Estate.

Timeframe: We plan to start operating this scheme when there are enough properties built and connected to our wastewater and recycled water pipes.

We'll be providing high-quality recycled water to parts of new residential suburbs and industrial areas in Sydney's South West. 

We expect to supply customers in the Hoxton Park Recycled Water Scheme area with recycled water from 2022–23. Learn more about Hoxton Park Recycled Water Scheme.

Upper South Creek Advanced Water Recycling Centre

Sydney Water is helping shape the Western Parkland City, using a total water cycle approach to deliver sustainable wastewater and recycled water services.

We’re planning an advanced water recycling centre to support population and economic growth in and around the new Western Sydney International Airport.

This is essential infrastructure to support development of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis, where the population is expected to multiply 25 times – from 25,000 in 2021 to 650,000 by 2056.

Visit Sydney Water Talk to learn more about the proposed Upper South Creek Advanced Water Recycling Centre.

Picton treatment and reuse 

We're looking at how we manage the recycled water at the Picton Water Resource Recovery Facility. The facility currently treats wastewater from up to 5,000 homes and businesses in Picton and the surrounding area, producing recycled water which is used to irrigate our Picton Farm. 

We’ve been improving the facility, but it's nearing capacity. We're looking at alternative ways to manage the excess recycled water by increasing reuse to keep precious water in the community.

Read more about Picton Wastewater Scheme and Water Resource Recovery Facility

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