Standards and specifications

Use the most up-to-date standards and specifications

All our listed providers for building and developing must follow and use Sydney Water's current instructions, forms, and standards and specifications to fulfil all requirements for the type of work they do. The documents below are updated and replaced from time to time.

Conforming and listed products

Designers and constructors must only use conforming standard products and/or listed non-standard products for components that are critical for the long-term performance of our infrastructure.

Conforming standard products 

These products must:

Listed non-standard products 

These are products we've deemed fit for purpose and/or provide equivalent functional performance to standard products. They're individually listed in the EPS 501 – List of Approved Non-Standard Products for Networks (109KB).

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Deemed to Comply drawings

Deemed to Comply (DTC) drawings are approved design options that:

  • help to construct high volume, repetitive assets
  • supplement the use of WSAA Codes and their standard drawings. 

It isn't mandatory to use these drawings.

To download a DTC drawing:

  1. Go to either the waterwastewaterpumping stationnetwork CDU and RCP folder or the facility fencing folder.
  2. Get the drawing number from the list.
  3. Download the drawing.

Please read the Deemed to Comply terms of use (700KB) before using DTC drawings.

WSAA codes

Providers and contractors must use the Sydney Water editions of the WSAA codes to plan, design and construct water mains, gravity wastewater mains and sewage pumping stations.

For other infrastructure, you must follow the national editions of the codes and project-specific variations. You can buy the codes from Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA).

Sydney Water editions of the codes

  • WSA 03-2011 Water Supply Code of Australia – Sydney Water edition 2014 
  • WSA 02-2002 Sewerage Code of Australia – Sydney Water edition version 4.0 2017
  • WSA 04-2005 Sewage Pumping Station Code of Australia – Sydney Water edition 2012

National editions of the codes