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What you need to know about this website

As you’d expect, there are things you need to know about using our website, particularly as it contains a lot of information from third parties. Although we aim to be available 24/7, sometimes we’ll need to interrupt the website service for planned maintenance and upgrades. There are also terms and conditions, which are all here on this page. 


By accessing or using any part of our site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below. If you disagree with any part of the terms and conditions, you should stop using our website immediately.

Governing law

The proper law of this website is the law of New South Wales, Australia. 

This includes:

  • no warranties or representations
  • no liability.


We understand you may be concerned about online transactions. Our online security is based on proven international standards.

We use 128-bit encryption on transactions supplied through our third-party Certification Authority, Verisign.

You'll complete any transactions that require credit card payments on a secure server with our banking partner. We don't hold any credit card details or private information on our website.

Information and content

We make our website available for information purposes only.

Although we aim to update it regularly, information and content:

  • may not be up to date at any given time
  • is subject to change without notice.

External sites

For your convenience, our website includes hyperlinks to sites controlled and operated by other parties.

Be aware that external sites, and their content, are often governed by their own protocols and standards. We urge you to learn more about them.

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You may need to register with us to use some of the services we provide on our website. By registering with us, you agree to our terms and conditions and our Privacy policy

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Online purchases

To make an online purchase:

  • you must be over 18 years of age
  • you must own a valid credit card that we accept. 


We’ll refund application fees to you within 30 days of purchase:

  • if we’ve overcharged you
  • if you’ve duplicated your order.

We’ll process refunds within 7 working days to the same card used for the original payment. We won’t refund if you’ve selected the wrong property or the wrong product. 


We welcome your feedback. We may use any ideas, concepts, comments or suggestions you send us without further reference to you, and without payment or any further liability to you.