The brand without a bottle

Powerful short film project: tap water or bottled water?

This is an authentic project-based learning resource that will build your students’ writing skills in a fun and engaging way. By inspiring your students to make a short film, you can engage them, spark their imagination and creativity, and improve their persuasive writing skills all at the same time. And they'll learn a lot about the impact of how people choose to get their hydration. 

About the project

This practical, authentic learning experience asks students to analyse and create persuasive texts by studying different marketing strategies used by bottled water companies.

What's the focus?

The core focus area is Stage 4 English – persuasive writing, it but can be used in single or multiple Key Learning Areas (KLAs).

Students will investigate and use persuasive techniques used in advertising to design, develop and produce a short film. Students learn what techniques bottled water companies use and apply this to their idea.

The learning across curriculum areas integrated in this unit include information and communication technology, critical and creative thinking, and ethical understanding.

Students create their own short film to persuade people to choose tap water.

What's included?

The resource includes lessons, student worksheets, all necessary reference material and tips on how to create a storyboard and short film.

Getting started

Our tap water is some of the best in the world. Then why are 10% of people in Sydney (500,000!) choosing bottled water over tap water?

We should be proud of the quality of our drinking water! 

With drinking bottled water on the rise, we need your students to act as our creative agency and use their creative skills to come up with a compelling script and storyboard for a short film. Their film will persuade their peers to choose tap water over bottled water.

Watch the video below and read the Sydney Water client brief to get started.

Intro video


Here are all the resources you'll need to teach the project.

How to video: Brand without a bottle

Video gallery

Looking for inspiration? Check out some of these student videos.

You can find more great videos on our Brand without a bottle playlist.

Bonnyrigg High School

James Ruse Agricultural High School