Water Efficiency Grants

For medium to large industries and manufacturers

We’re offering grants to non-residential business customers with high water use. If you’re as committed to conserving water as we are, you could be eligible for a Water Efficiency Grant to help find ways to reduce water usage on your site. We'll provide additional funding for you to implement approved recommendations.

Grants are first come, first served
Funding for this pilot program is limited. Find out more from our 2022 Water Efficiency Grants: Guidelines and 2022 Water Efficiency Grants: Terms and Conditions. If you have questions about your eligibility and to request an application form, email waterefficiencyauditgrants@sydneywater.com.au.

Businesses eligible to apply

Big business operations have the most to gain by conserving water. That’s why our Water Efficiency Grant pilot program is targeting our medium to large business customers. If your business fits that description, you could be eligible. If your business operates in more than one site, you can apply for each site.

A Water Efficiency Grant can provide an economical way for your business to reach its environmental sustainability targets.

Grant program structure

The grant program consists of 2 parts.

Part 1: Undertake either:

  • a water efficiency audit
  • an agreed activity – feasibility studies, detailed design including water reuse and treatment studies, benchmarking and key performance indicator (KPI) investigations, or cooling tower audits.

Part 2: Implement the recommendations from the water efficiency audit or the activity you nominated for Part 1.

The funding you could receive

The grant will partly cover the cost of the water conservation audit or the activity you nominate in Part 1. For Part 2, we’ll also partly fund implementing the recommendations from Part 1. You’ll receive up to 50% of the quoted cost provided by an eligible service provider capped at the amount outlined in the 2022 Water Efficiency Grants: Guidelines.

Your commitment
If you receive grant funding for Part 1, you’ll be expected to implement the recommendations we approve in Part 2. By participating in the Water Efficiency Grants program, you agree to implement these recommendations.

How to apply 

Request your application form by emailing us at waterefficiencyauditgrants@sydneywater.com.au. You’ll need to submit it within 2 weeks from the date we receive your request.

Applications must be made to Sydney Water and comply with all processes and procedures contained in the application form, the 2022 Water Efficiency Grants: Guidelines, the 2022 Water Efficiency Grants: Terms and Conditions and requirements.