Water servicing coordinator documents

Resources to help you support developers

These resources have been specially designed to help water servicing coordinators provide a consistent, highly informed service to support developers throughout the land development process.

eDeveloper online help

These documents help water servicing coordinators use eDeveloper: 

System process: WSC online help (2.2MB)

Issue requirements: WSC & DSO online help (772KB)


Flow isolation / flow management (FIFM)


HSP0070 Flow Isolation and/or Flow Management (FIFM) (172KB)

Process responsibilities for products (planned only) (21KB)

Health & safety procedure: HIDRA (258KB)


Form A: Request for flow isolation / flow management of an asset (125KB, DOC)

Form B: Key responsibilities (69KB, DOC)

Form C: Flow isolation / flow management HIDRA (73KB, DOC)

Form D: Communication for flow isolation / flow management (55KB, DOC)

Form E: Trial flow isolation / flow management and recommissioning schedule (80KB, DOC)

Form F: Asset operational status sheet (74KB, DOC)

Form G: Asset operational status sheet – wet well levels log (67KB, DOC)

Form H: Flow isolation / flow management schedule and method for proving successful FIFM (100KB, DOC)

Form I: Flow isolation / flow management monitoring plan (65KB, DOC)

Form J: Flow isolation / flow management recommissioning schedule (68KB, DOC)

Form K: Flow isolation / flow management milestone and hold point checklist (100KB, DOC)

Form M: HIDRA & authority to work checklist for planned work <250mm, 250mm, or 250mm & greater already identified as W3 with low customer and system risks (84KB, DOC)

Form O: Trial isolation of <250mm and W3 single barrier routine 250mm and greater with low customer and system risks (72KB, DOC)


Water assessment checklist (86KB)

Wastewater assessment checklist (316KB)

Stormwater assessment checklist (895KB)

Upfront Connection Requests checklist